98, Morning Exercise, and Organization

Today I met an 85 year old woman that was very spry for her age.  After talking with her for a bit, the topic of exercise entered the conversation, and she told me she swims every morning for an hour at “a quarter til seven” and walks every afternoon.  She used to walk at the mall, but that was torn down. So now the people at Target have welcomed her to walk there when the weather is too bad like it is today.  Today it is rainy, and it has been raining for about two days straight.

Aunt Mary and I

When she told me about this it reminded me of my 98 year old aunt Mary (in the picture to the right) who has been exercising in the morning before breakfast for years.  She used to walk for an hour every morning when she was younger (85 or so).  Now she lays in bed every morning and does various leg exercises while lying on her back.  She still lives in her own home, cooks for herself, does her laundry, and anything that a normal person does.  She moves pretty quickly too.

Both of these long living individuals exercise in the morning.  While in the 85 year old woman’s home I noticed it was very organized and clean.  This is how my Aunt Mary’s house is as well.

Do you think think there is something special about exercising in the morning as opposed to in the evening? Does being organized increase longevity or is it linked to other qualities associated with longevity?

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